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carbon stablecoin

climate change equity, together with its delivery partners, have a portfolio of projects and initiatives that will generate Gold Standard Carbon Credits. Each project or initiative is developed as a sustainable commercial business and is supported in the early stages by typical venture capital funding. The business, being profitable, does not require the sale of the Carbon Credits to enable ongoing operations, and thus we are able to distribute them to our members to offset their emissions, or trade to someone who will.


The Carbon Credits issued by climate change equity are issued as a blockchain token or coin. Each one is independently audited to have a one-to-one relationship with a verified Carbon Credit. Each coin is backed by an investment-grade Treasury that enables a floor price. The Treasury is a cash custody fund (held with Westpac Banking Corporation of Australia) that is capital guaranteed by a Standard & Poors Long Term Rated ‘A’ underwriter (Liberty Mutual Insurance), while the fund has an independent security trustee (Perpetual Corporate Trust). In addition, the governance and operation of the StableCoins is based in Australia, which has one of the most effective regulations and best records for economic stability.



We naturally hope that our members offset their emissions and surrender the Coins. We will be able to provide our members assistance in working out their emissions footprints if required. However, as the World Bank is forecasting that Carbon Credits will go up to twice or even four times the value of the current floor price by the mid-2020s, we understand if our members wish to treat them as a store of value or an inflation-fighting safe haven. Traded on receipt at the floor price, our Platinum Coin Partner members obtain an effective 15% annual return on their membership fee.


This is a unique social enterprise approach. If our efforts do not achieve their goals, the membership fee is refunded – that is, we effectively provide a money-back guarantee for generating the Carbon Credits from our projects. Your fee is returnable if so desired, notwithstanding our preference that our members pledge their fee to assist us in pursuing our objectives. 


This initiative has taken 10 years to develop and we believe it's the way social enterprise should work: making an impact, improving peoples lives and sharing the benefits.


To become a Carbon Stable Coin member, download this Membership Prospectus and once you have read it, email requesting the application form and stating which Membership type you are interested in.

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