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Our vision is to provide everyday alternatives that are sustainable and resilient to individuals and organisations alike.

Our lives today are generally resource inefficient. We use drinking water to wash our cars and flush our toilets; we compromise our clean air through electricity production and personal transport; we spend our time caught up in avoidable congestion and waste energy using inefficient and non-integrated systems.

The clearest signal that our model for prosperity is facing a disruption is our impact on the earth's climate. The scale of our impact as increasingly prolific resource consumers now stands to jeopardise the natural capital upon which we all rely. The youngest members of our community face a future we will not recognise - it is our choice whether this future happens or not.

The future we wish for is dependent on finding more resource efficient alternatives that aren't currently available. Our vision is to be a guide towards this future, and where these alternatives are missing, help to provide them.


climate change equity aims to find the pathways that enable everyone to participate in the journey towards a sustainable and equitable future. We aim to discover and implement the products and services that inform and deliver real practical and accessible solutions to improve our resource efficiency.

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