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What is climate change equity?

climate change equity is Australia's first charity focused solely on the challenge of responding to our impact on the climate.

Our goal is to make our communities more sustainable by enabling alternatives that empower organisations and individuals to improve the resilience of our cities. 

What kind of projects does climate change equity get involved in?

We target the projects, products and services of a less resource-intensive, low-carbon economy that appear to be non-commercial. Appearances can be deceiving, so in delivering the products and services we are able to provide evidence that these alternatives are commercial.

How can I get involved?

Become a member. Today that can be either as a Timor-Forestry Initiative member or a Carbon StableCoin member. Each rewards our members with the Carbon Credits our projects generate. That means that while you help us make a difference, we also help you.

How is climate change equity different to other charities?

climate change equity is a promoter and developer of less resource-intensive, low-carbon products and services that are relevant to everyone. Our special interest is the health of our communities and cities, both now and in the future. This means we seek to take actions that focus primarily on sustainability and lead by example. 

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