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KYM LENNOX | Chairman

Kym Lennox founded climate change equity in 2009 as a means to counterbalance the human role in climate change.

Kym developed an ability in his early career to accurately forecast outcomes, taking into account variables outside of traditional modelling, considering the underlying issues and root causes of the problem. With experiences drawn from a broad multidisciplinary background commencing from his university studies in actuarial and computer sciences, Kym has led a successful career in the delivery of programme management, corporate strategy, policy development and project evaluation in both private and public sectors.

As a Futurist at The Tipping Point Institute, Kym is concerned with ensuring outcomes that progress the establishment of resilient liveable cities that can retain a diverse vibrancy. The extent to which humans can influence their environment has become more evident and taking necessary measures to counteract and rectify human error has been a driving force behind climate change equity.

Kym’s diverse skill set is perfectly aligned to meeting the multi-disciplinary challenges of climate change.


Denis was appointed a Director of climate change equity with the focus to provide advice on improving the life-cycle impact of the built environment.


With two decades of experience in land-use planning and strategic property development initiatives, specialising in project development and realisation, Denis has assisted organisations such as UnitedCare Ageing in the senior living sector, Martifer Renewables and Macquarie Bank in renewable energy and infrastructure developments, and progressed institutional projects for the Government of Timor-Leste. 


John Halkett is the Managing Director of Sydney-based Forestlands Consulting.  The company has expertise in temperate and tropical forest management and forest-based industries. 

He is also the Chief Executive of the Australian Timber Importers Federation and a director of forest carbon company Leaf Carbon.  John serves on the Board of the Global Timber Forum and is a member of the NSW Forest Industries Taskforce.

He has held senior positions in government forest and conservation agencies in Australia and New Zealand. John has also worked in the United States, Canada, Papua New Guinea, across Southeast Asia, Myanmar, China, Chile and Africa.  He has written six books on tree-related topics and numerous scientific papers.

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